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Jun. 20th, 2010 | 12:14 am

i've moved into my own place off telegraph avenue as of monday and this is the first time my pc has been online in months - thanks to tethering a connection through my mobile until i get my own real broadband installed here. this is a very momentous occasion for me because now i feel like i've sort of made it through those weird months of my life as a vagrant, on my own, to settle into a normal life and my routines which i'm happy to have again. i can say with all sincerity that i didn't have to suck japanese businessman dick (and brag about it) to get anywhere.

in any case, i have mostly kept up with the discussions and whatever, but i haven't been too engaged since i had thought the post-album release wouldn't really go anywhere but plateau as far as drama goes, which it looks like it sort of has. i haven't watched the performance videos if there were any posted; i guess i don't really care since in perspective they're not terribly relevant beyond anyone that would recognize her from youtube anyway. it doesn't particularly seem like it's going anywhere beyond where we see it now, mostly because she didn't write the music or have any creative input on them, but maybe she'll figure out a way to piggyback on the talent of someone else. who knows anymore. but i do know regardless of what does or doesn't happen, she'll still be in tokyo, living off everyone else but herself, and trying again and again to remake and resell herself just as she has done on the net since puberty up to now.

at the same time, nothing about this is unforgivable. for myself, i think it would be nice to talk to her again someday. she may feel i've been extremely ruthless about this since august '07 and purposely prolonging this livejournal up to now just to hurt her the only ways i can, and that isn't anything i can blame her for either. it just makes me uncomfortable to think there is no end to this. i still wish i had my 2ch thread to ask these sorts of questions because i can't tell how anyone else sees it beyond whatever biases they have against her... but these are just my sensations that shouldn't matter to anyone else since it's nothing to give very much thought to.

either way, thank you for the support, everyone.

(no subject)

May. 7th, 2010 | 11:17 pm

Hello I've been busy but I've mostly kept up. I'm working 6 days a week in Oakland on Piedmont Avenue, come say hello sometime since I barely have time to do anything but use my day off and free time to chill with my girlfriend. It also didn't occur to me to try different browsers for Android on my mobile because they suck and the default one had a script problem with posting entries, but this new one I'm using is pretty good. So here I am and that's all about me.

Did the album get released yet or? Physical or digital only? Serey looks like he was sorta pushed away back to Montreal... I wonder if things like this just fall into place for her or she's simply fucking the right people.

Ill get around to posting the entry I meant to write a while ago for a real cause, it's only today I've found the time and remembered to write in here, so for now here is room foor comments! I'm still astounded to get such comments here up to now...


Mar. 5th, 2010 | 06:06 pm
music: Futurecop! - Class of 1984 (80kidz Remix) | Powered by Last.fm

and so i leave another last entry for comments before i pick up my belongings and depart on my own adventure, but at the very least hope i won't get sucked up in the weaves of life to never come back here. or nothing could change for you here but i can't be sure of what i'll be up to other than surviving (i'll be fine probably). i have my motorola droid and i check my gmail all the time, so i'll be sure to read the comments and keep up as best i can, the only thing is i'll have my pc stashed at a friend's and bouncing around when i need to sleep.

i don't feel too comfortable making this lj about me since the drama in august 2007, but i'm hoping up to now this lj has given people enough entertainment and amusement though it can't be taken seriously. still, through it i was able to meet friends and talk to cool people, and i'm kind of baffled and thankful for such e-drama strangeness i found myself in, and hope there is more to come when i can get my life in order. whether this is it or not, warm thank you's-------! i'm sure more raging bullshit from miss connor will continue onward.

(no subject)

Feb. 22nd, 2010 | 01:59 am
music: Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent (Original Mix) | Powered by Last.fm

recently (like now) sent a link to this by a friendly source: emily writing a blog entry on "blog.jib.tv" on those surgical masks so commonly seen in nations like japan. of course she has not even a minimal idea what she's talking about, and rambles on about this topic to fit in to what i guess is the curious foreigner in japan theme. this is the comment i left that is either under approval or will be deleted shortly (also lol at the previous comment):

"You have no idea what you're talking about, and you would think a normal person so cognizant about what everyone thinks about her could take the few minutes to learn something about something so common in a country they've resided in for so long. How embarrassing. Also, it's "aesthetically", not "ascetically". Lol spellcheck." shit even i know more about those masks (like what they're worn for and how they work), but maybe i'm just a weird example of a person...

her biography (rage imminent)
Emily is a young singer, songwriter just breaking onto the Japanese music scene. Mostly self-taught, she became fluent in Japanese and moved to Tokyo at only 18. Following her musical dream, she has already made a name for herself in Japanese entertainment. She shares in this blog her life experiences in Tokyo and a first hand look at someone already becoming "Big in Japan."

lol no.

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Jan. 31st, 2010 | 03:43 pm
music: The Teenagers - Homecoming | Powered by Last.fm

2/2 update

it appears serey has relocated back to montreal, canada, and speculation is that this is the beginning of the end of emily's piggybacking of a music career. within serey's bandmix profile, he confirms he wrote all of the songs with emily only contributing "some lyrics". he makes suspicious claims about turning down contracts from major labels, but then says due to "some problems" he's separating from emily and delaying their album for the time-being. he then alludes to being in montreal to work with real musicians that are "open-minded" and not lazy. considering he described working with the best of the best in the japanese music industry for their $100k album, i kind of doubt he's not talking about emily.

supposedly emily has also deleted her c.cedille-related blog entries around the time someone posted the news here, but this is yet to be confirmed because i don't check her shit or know the url to her 16th newest blog she has created in the past two years.

(no subject)

Jan. 23rd, 2010 | 02:37 am
music: Yann Tiersen - L'homme aux bras ballants | Powered by Last.fm

an anonymous source sent me screencaps of emily's facebook in december (i didn't notice until now lawl) with time stamps of february 2008. apparently emily claimed not long ago that she never had a facebook?... i have to frame that as a question because it's such shameless, acrobatic, glorious lying that it's debatable how she could even say it with a straight face. emily, you're fucking stupid.

if there were any doubts about it, voila. if you would like to suggest that it was a fake facebook page for years upon years, without saying anything about it, fooling people like myself in 2007 (before our trip), ben from stickam (whom we both met together), and other known people like kynapple this entire time, not noticing this entire length of time when she has a profile on any known western and japanese social networking medium, good luck with that.

ps, emily: i sent you a friend request for your facebook. it was the one with "friendz 4ever" in the message. i was sad you did not accept me. i will try again and perhaps someday you will answer and want to work things out :*[

(yes, my layout is retarded, but i do not make layouts. if you would like to contribute one, that would be very delightful, credit-worthy, and probably convenient lol. for now i thought resizing the caps would make it too difficult to read, so i apologize for the awkwardness. i'd rage too.)

(no subject)

Dec. 25th, 2009 | 02:55 pm
music: 銀杏BOYZ - ボーイズ・オン・ザ・ラン | Powered by Last.fm

merry christmas happy holidays and happy upcoming new year, kids. i am tired and haven't eaten since waking up too early at the behest of helping my mom out so i will do that now since i'm home ~__~ please do the same! smile, nap, enjoy presents if you received any, and look forward to a new start (or lots of partying) a week from now when it's 2010.

let me give my appreciation to the support and insight of everyone who has commented on this journal for our universal love of merry internet drama. i have made some friends from this blog, enjoyed new online company to speak to, and learned some useful things from people who know better than i. forgive the cheesiness of this holiday message! i try my best.

~ nick

(no subject)

Nov. 19th, 2009 | 08:09 pm
music: Shinichi Osawa - EEAA | Powered by Last.fm

edit 11/25
emily has taken it upon herself to reply here in the comments which is kind of lol since she is playing the "i'm a total japanese person!" persona game again. in other words, she is saying she is not herself, but in fact someone who cares so much that they have nothing to do but come here and defend her and answer questions directed about her personal life. makes much sense. also, she makes common and awkward japanese language mistakes and claims not to speak english, even though that doesn't even appear to be consistent at all. from observation, it seems emily is trying to be lily chou-chou, this enigmatic japanese-only entity on the internet swallowing the sweet nectar of others playing along with her fantasies. this is what you do: don't respond or write anything to her in japanese. write it all in english. see how long she lasts being a confused, so totally native japanese person with zero english grasp. she has already fucked up her act anyway, there's little need to indulge the rest of this girl's internet playtime pretending to be a japanese person. just write and respond in english. she will either fuck off (doubtful) or make up an excuse that allows her (as her mysterious japanese "friend") to understand and respond. the excuse is you are white trash in the first place, emily.

emily writes her own japanese wikipedia entries in pretty awkward japanese. well, you tell me, it comes off as weird to me and my little ability. however, she swears she did not write it, but rather an anonymous fan (lol).

EMILY - YouTubeで多数の動画を投稿している、インディーズバンドc.cedille所属の在日アメリカ人ミュージシャン。

ironically, she lists her name on the japanese "emily" page under a porno actress. reach for the stars, EMILY. (NOTE THE CAPS FAGGOTS IT MEANS ITS IMPORTANT)

there is now a japanese wikipedia article for her nothing two-piece band that's already been flagged as being irrelevant self-promotion bullshit lacking encyclopedic value. the same person under the handle: gecko0081 created the c.cedille wikipedia page and edited the "emily" page to include miss emily connor's information and redirect. who is gecko0081? a google search shows nothing but a handful of emily/wikipedia-related pages. so it looks like a one-off, unique username made just for this purpose. hmmm!

plainly, the c.cedille page is illegitimate, unwarranted self-importance. it's lacking any reason to exist on an online encyclopedia. there are no sources for anything, such as mentions of the band in a magazine, newspaper, or on the billing of a notable event. the official links include emily's personal blog and her youtube channel.

in conclusion, /facepalm. how desperate do you have to be?

edit 11/23


clearly, gecko0081 is emily, as they have admitted that they are an "insider" of the band on the discussion page of the article. this admission plainly violates wikipedia's guidelines regarding neutral point-of-view which is enough to have it immediately deleted. in other words, you can't write articles about yourself on wikipedia, nor can you write them as an "insider" of the very (irrelevant) entity you are writing about because that's not a neutral source of information. as elaborated previously, her article also violates the other two core guidelines of wikipedia: original research and verifiability. wikipedia isn't your vanity site so you can write your own articles and call yourself "famous", emily.

beyond that, emily thinks i am the one debating her on the wikipedia discussion, although our friend from finland who has left comments in this entry would be the one doing so. in the japanese wikipedia page where she is called out for her shit, emily makes empty dumbass threats to call the police on the internet, says i'm pitiful, and generally goes on a long-winded personal rant about shameful behavior and not growing up. at the same time, she is pretending not to be her? who else but emily would care enough to write this personal bullshit against me? i guess i still get to her ^_________^;; kekekekeke.

(no subject)

Oct. 6th, 2009 | 01:55 am
music: The xx - Stars | Powered by Last.fm

emily's held another persona known as "maeko" from this forum circa 2006, although this particular thread was post-hax in autumn 2008. i didn't know of this until now but perhaps it flew over my head before. pretending to be a japanese girl, behaving egotistically, grew unpopular, and left soon after to forge another identity at some other community.

"I don't recall her posting any pictures, I just remember her mentioning that she was a Japanese exchange student in Florida or something like that."

I thought those who had known her here should know that she lied to everyone about who she really was. She has been manipulating people online and offline for many years now. "

I think this this makes her persona count up to 8 now."

for emilyCollapse )

(no subject)

Sep. 26th, 2009 | 01:00 pm
music: 堂本剛 - Sunday Morning | Powered by Last.fm

"i'd like to apologize because all of the english-speaking people who follow me only get to see me in 'character', which isn't really fair at all." - emily connor.

that's because there is nothing real about your personality except the well-known fact you are a bad person. also your vag had std's.

oh but i'm totally not mean for sharing that, all you guys who follow this blog only only get to see me 'in character', which isn't really fair at all...