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Sep. 2nd, 2014 | 02:04 am

if anyone possesses any means to reach kyna (kynapple), it would mean a world of warmth to me. having been dejected upon realizing her gmail account is invalid, i guess you could say this is as desperate as it becomes. however, if anyone does have some electron orbiting connection to be made to her, i would appreciate it beyond emotional measure. thank you for indulging; apologies for updating on here just for my own sake.

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nick .

From: raspberrysyrup
Date: Mar. 5th, 2015 07:03 am (UTC)

LJ deleted ALL MY REPLIES so am gonna redo it from my stolen picture perfect memory i have soiled with MDMA and other drug consumption in the past during my bittersweet west hollywood era.

i'm still in AIM if you want to speak, but i also have connected my trillian to FB so i can pretend i still live in an era where the internet wasn't so oriented against anonymity. AIM is pluginhoney and FB is /pluginhoney. email is kegadol@gmail.com. fuck it. i only lend this information publicly because i've been recovering for 6-7 weeks now at a parent's home in a neurological and physical anguish that had left me crippled up until the last week or so. it hasn't been fun and time has moved so slow since then that it feels like years than going on two months soon. i'm getting better but i've been having worsening seizures which hadn't been an issue for a while until now. i'll figure it out; i have a low seizure threshold, so i'm high-risk for them, but when you're banging drugs like a routine cigarette, perhaps it congeals your brain. they work, that's why people do them, what can i say? i'm not going to make things up or lie to pretend i'm more glamorous than i was or am. i've survived things i can't put to words nor would most people believe it but that's life. it is what it is. i'll survive this.

however i am much more active now, on the net at least, physically i am not all there yet, but the swelling against my cognition has been lanced to afford me a better (relative) clarity. the first few weeks i was just not there and could not function mentally or physically. that being said, i apologize for forcing the indulging of me, but i haven't updated here because emily is burrowed into her own niche on the net. we won. what else am i supposed to do? it'd be rightly considered harassment at this point and i want to believe she understands, at the very least, why so many people desired to witness her fail than succeed. i'm not going to spend 5-10 minutes finding all her little hidden spots where she merrily skulks so i can break into her accounts and commit fraud by putting her in debt because i'm already a face to blame. to you and everyone: i had never considered updating about me me me, nor is emily exploiting the net further for her own vanity or financial gain, so i have to ask for suggestions on what to update about, if anything?

so that's the freesia milk pure truth about where i've been as of late. however, it means a lot to me for you to have posted, even as an anon, especially as an anon, with my welfare splotched upon your concern and curiosity. i really appreciate that so thank you thank you thank you. i hope to hear from you again sometime.

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