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Nov. 11th, 2012 | 02:07 am

I'm still being asked and piqued about this to this very day over five years later. Five years! I can't think of many things within my life that lasted more than five years. A handful of friendships, a first love, and ranked just below these: a weird blip on the internet involving myself and a girl I knew and traveled with that enveloped itself into an LJ, one that refuses to go the way of every other LJ I've ever had in my life: chronicling a relentless revenge to hurt the girl's ego as tidy and simple as could be. A bit shameful but I refuse to give in.

Poor Emily, I'm not looking to be condescending by any means, but perhaps the bitter sensation of her in my mouth has melted into something I can draw a fond memory or two from. I was much different five years ago. She has to be different too. Maybe. I'm terrible with recognizing faces but my brain hasn't been able to make hers out for quite some time. The rest of it I mismatch for myself in my own head and tell myself there was still something nice about her.

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From: anonymous
Date: Mar. 9th, 2013 12:53 am (UTC)

I am also living in Japan right now, so hello comrade. I am looking for work while deciding whether to join the ranks living here permanently or to head back. I used to translate Emily's blogs and stuff on this journal.

I checked out her Twitter etc since you had said something... It's amazing how much her tone is different when she writes stuff in English compared to her super fake Japanese persona. I started wondering if the reason she had left is because her music career didn't work... but to be honest, it looks like it was fairly nonexistent. No reviews on Amazon, no real threads on 2ch or major updates on her only fanblog (which might be run by her or a friend, who knows?). I am puzzled that there is still no clue as to whether the unit has broken up or not... maybe it was just unimportant enough to not warrant mentioning? :/ Doesn't seem to have gotten any attention.

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From: anonymous
Date: Mar. 10th, 2013 01:40 pm (UTC)

Good luck on your job search!

It's amazing how much her tone is different when she writes stuff in English compared to her super fake Japanese persona
Yes! English is not my mother tongue, but she sounds very unfriendly and arrogant in English, but when she writes Japanese she is "nice".

Honestly, I even wouldn't be surprised if she and her partner had a dispute...but I've come to think it's also possible that she left because of permit issues...as you know, the Japanese government has another immigration system since July last year. From what I hear from other people, it isn't that easy anymore to get a "longer" permit. The permit with the longest duration is the 5 years one now - I suspect it will be more difficult (&time consuming) for spouses to obtain the permanent residence status, as you need the 5 years permit for application - but what if you get the 3 years ones for a "while"?
That being said, Emily came to Japan in summer(July-August), didn't she? So what if Emily got the 6 months permit - because she doesn't go to school, she didn't seem to have a "real" work - and she thought "ah, damn it"?

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nick .

From: raspberrysyrup
Date: Apr. 12th, 2013 08:07 am (UTC)

i'm far from any sort of expert opinion on the entertainment industry or industry culture in japan, but one factor that seemed especially highlighted in regard to emily's activities was the fact there have to be a million-seeming acts, at least most of them inevitably better; better talented, better skills, and having actually invested some or all of their lives bettering their musicianship or vocal refinement, all jockeying in an already-saturated market for a label signing, gigs and venues booked, and stardom. in all seriousness, as much as i'd like for emily to have some moderate success in her endeavors, if only because i could be happy for her for living her adolescent dream she used to fantasize about during our entropy-fated friendship, her music was bland, generic, uninspired, and unrefined. in other words, it kind of sucked. the gimmick of being a former youtube whatever can only get you so far, and even now i'm still puzzled how she managed to convince actual industry (if only indie) professionals to sign her and put her together with one of the many revolving door session musicians from tokyo jihen for what was a nothing act putting forward zero merit toward art, entertainment, or mainstream consumption.

their music act never particularly seemed legitimate because they never exactly caught on nor likely got much investment from the label. what she did seem to have were surprisingly decent connections to hook up gigs her act didn't deserve in the first place. then again, i can understand her disappointment it didn't pan out, but hey, she got a lot further than anyone else could, and it isn't like she put forth much effort to become professionally-trained in music. riding the coattails of 2007-era youtube fame and jumping as far she did the way she did was still impressive even if she was running on the thinning fumes of industry connections that probably sprouted from stickam, whom she didn't even hold up her end of their paid bargain with in the first place.

it's too bad but if she was smarter, she'd have benefited greatly from doing things right with patience and recognition of her assets than doing things that cost her credibility, cost her the whatever fanbase she routinely spit on or ripped off, and cost her the last shot she had while girls like becky cruel or whomever were claiming some niche. who knows though, maybe she's biding her time and doing things right for a triumphant return to the effort, but i doubt it. she's probably living with her dad or something.

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From: anonymous
Date: Apr. 21st, 2013 01:33 pm (UTC)

I agree, she could have done things differently and probably better. The moment I saw her booby bouncing in her video I kind of knew this would be the beginning of the end.

Well, back in 2007 I had some interest in some of the vloggers (related to Japan or Japanese) on YT but I personally feel everything has cooled down. I don't watch any videos of such people anymore because I don't think it's worth my time to watch them. I also liked Ciaela/Micaela from Canada, but after she started to delete my questions if she's actually married I lost interest because she's obviously trying to hide it and I don't see why she should. She has been living in Japan for a few years. I guess it's all about creating this fantasy world on YT where living and staying in Japan seems so easy which is simply not true. That's why I even think Emily might have been married to a Japanese if her story of the 2 remaining years on her stay permit are true.
If you know Ciaela's channel and want to ask me why I think she's married:

She posted her 在留カード on Instagramm: http://instagram.com/p/O5xmyvAGdd/# (http://instagram.com/p/O5xmyvAGdd/#)
She has no problem showing her full name and the fact her address in Japan is "未定" = not determined( I wonder what that's about?!) but she doesn't show her residential status.
But you can see there's "就労制限なし" written on the card = no restrictions work-wise.
That's when I wondered: How can she have no restrictions like I do if all she does is posting videos or so it seems?
If you visit the site of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
http://www2.mhlw.go.jp/topics/seido/anteikyoku/gairou/980908gai01.htm (http://www2.mhlw.go.jp/topics/seido/anteikyoku/gairou/980908gai01.htm) you can see at (3) there are only 4 kinds of residential statuses which have no restrictions work-wise:
(Permanent residents, Spouses or children of Japanese, Spouses or children of Permanent residents, 定住者 are refugees or for example foreigners who were married to a Japanese person but the Japanese partner died and the foreigner has to take care of the half Japanese kids in Japan)

Ciaela is neither a refugee nor does she have a child (as far as we know...), so there's 永住者、日本人の配偶者等 and 永住者の配偶者等 left.
I am a foreign woman, married to a Japanese, I didn't change my family name AND I have obtained Permanent Residence.
Ciaela cannot be permanent resident because then she wouldn't have an expiration date for her status, which is written under 就労制限なし. I have stars printed on my residential card there because I can stay forever.
=> She's married. She probably thinks nobody ever would find out because she didn't change her name etc. but ooops.

Nobody can stay in Japan without restrictions work-wise just by posting videos on YT or recording songs. If you have a work permit, your work activity is restricted to your work permit. Earning any money without a correct permit is illegal.
The more I think of it...Emily had to be married to someone....
She could get a student visa while visiting the language school, but I personally don't see how her other activities could be approved by the immigration office....

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