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29 April 1986
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hello, i am nick and this is my journal that has sprouted in spring bloom to become about my former best friend emily connor (applemilk1988). we were close for years up until she invited me to accompany her to tokyo, japan in summer 2007. it did not go well as you can read from my entries written during my stay with her found at the very beginning of this blog. after her various social networking accounts and emails were accessed, hacked, and its contents posted by bantown, unwanted attention had swarmed my livejournal by having its URL posted on 420chan's former /i/ and 4chan's /b/ boards describing my (then personal and private) experiences with her.

it was around then i privatized this journal having been overwhelmed by the attention (constant AIM messages, 500 text messages on my phone, things like that) and wanted no part in such things. however, during this era of tense blowup, her millionaire CEO scumbag father called me on my mobile phone making threats to unleash the wrath of the FBI on me as well as pursuing civil action in court (chyeah okay good luck with all of that). i took his barking and vulgar nonsense politely and told him to do whatever he felt because it was all empty bullshit anyway.

to spite him and prove his impotence, i threw the journal back up it to write my thoughts about this incident and to appease those who love to taunt this particular cocky youtube wannabe named applemilk - but who i just knew as emily. it's remained here since. the earliest entries i had written while in japan have been left untouched and unedited, even though i am a bit embarrassed at my emotional reaction i had shared then. sometimes i regret other entries i had written but i leave them be just for the sake of letting history be. entries i had written preceding my trip with her were deleted since they had become irrelevant to those who only swarmed here to read only about her. my life before she had come was not so interesting so don't fall for thinking this livejournal was created just for this or her.

i'm quite shy and a low-profile person but have enjoyed keeping this journal up to document drama from a better era of the net, allow a place for others to discover it to comment about it, and post about subjects related to her or otherwise.

as of autumn 2011: emily has been swept away from the net by deleting/removing the videos that ignited such furor and i've declared a modest victory. new substantive updates will likely cease to exist barring she makes a grorious return but otherwise the mission is complete with tremendous help from everyone who participated throughout this silly journey. thank you everyone! new comments will encourage me to comment back but if you want to share any ideas in a way to push me to write more, i may indulge in it if it's a welcoming idea. otherwise i only assume anyone here is to get in on the details of this drama and not so interested in me which is fine just fine.

now i may go about my life with my lolita wife whom i live with and dress each morning, bake pastries, cafe hopping to find the best cocoa milk tea on earth, and pursue my own happiness before my health deteriorates to nil as my memories of emily become a prismatic afterthought of pinwheel sunflower absurdity. i don't wish her ill will beyond what was simply mean fun on the internet, born from a very real sense of betrayal and hurt, and would myself be moved and encouraged to take it all back if she found it in herself to reach back and wish to move away from this. my own attempts to engineer such and offer to delete this journal, save for a last post of her redemption confirming my belief she's not a bad person, but this has been ignored the few instances i had found and written her. she can always be found but let her be.

thank for you for reading, i hope you harvest at least a little fun for yourself and i hope you find some drama buried here that gives you an enjoyable experience. please see the comments if you're curious for insight from myself and others. sometimes they're interesting, sometimes it's what you expect, other times they're not very good, but they are the exquisite marbling of this particular journal - not my own entries so much. i'm reachable elsewhere if you want to be friends or talk. just don't take things here so seriously, unless you're emily, this journal is here for you! you you you.