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Sep. 2nd, 2014 | 02:04 am

if anyone possesses any means to reach kyna (kynapple), it would mean a world of warmth to me. having been dejected upon realizing her gmail account is invalid, i guess you could say this is as desperate as it becomes. however, if anyone does have some electron orbiting connection to be made to her, i would appreciate it beyond emotional measure. thank you for indulging; apologies for updating on here just for my own sake.

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From: anonymous
Date: Mar. 10th, 2015 06:28 am (UTC)

you may not remember me. i commented on your lj sometimes, before the whole applemilk thing. i'm also the one who found her pornocrow lj. since you are a friend of a friend of a friend, that's how i found you. we talked briefly.

i hope you are doing okay. i read above you are having health issues. i wonder if you are still attached with your lolita princess, or whatever became of that. it seemed you were really happy during that time. it would be nice to talk to you again but it's good to know you are still alive and out there.

- b

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Re: hello

nick .

From: raspberrysyrup
Date: Mar. 13th, 2015 12:12 am (UTC)

i absolutely remember; that find was very impressive! i only wish i knew more of you to allow you proper credit. it does make me curious who this mutual friend is, though...

thank you immensely for your thoughts. i'm getting better, aside from the child runaways of neurons electrifying my brain, but i'm hopeful that will subside and be manageable again so i can mimic normal again. it never used to be that much of an issue except now i'm fearful of raving or going to shows as i used to do often. at the same time, it's happened before at raves two instances i can recollect, missing time from one where i just awoke as if from a dream to another dream within a sea of dilated pupils (yet that could've been because i took too much MDMA), strangers can be very sweet at these sorts of things, they help me up, and i walk it off. what more can anyone do except their best?

my lolita princess is certainly around; you're with someone almost six years, living together for more than half that, they don't just melt away. they can't, at least, not from me. there's always drip drops of happiness to be found in other people but it can't be the only well you draw upon. you have to draw upon yourself as best you can even if you're a mess of all sorts of things i can't put to words here.

i'm freely available if you ever want to talk through whatever medium you prefer. my contact handles are posted above within another comment made to an anon. in these sorts of pallid everydays, i wouldn't mind any company. thank you so much for posting and caring for how i'm managing. i wish you the very best. thank you again for everything you've contributed to make this LJ better!

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